Howie Mandel is in high spirits as he ‘FLASHES’ Ellen DeGeneres one day before the AGT judge was admitted to the hospital after collapsing.


Howie Mandel is in high spirits as he ‘FLASHES’ Ellen DeGeneres one day before the AGT judge was admitted to the hospital after collapsing.

HOWIE Mandel was in high spirits on Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk program when he “FLASHED” her.

The show was shot the day before the America’s Got Talent judge was admitted to the hospital after collapsing.

During his appearance on Wednesday’s broadcast of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Howie found that he was the show’s most frequent guest.

The 65-year-old raved that he “loves the show” and was “honored” by the “great” truth.

He went on to say that he’s “heartbroken” that the show is coming to an end since Ellen always makes him “happy.”

Howie asked Ellen, 63, where he will get his underpants in the future after complimenting her on her longtime daytime talk program.

“I always put on your underwear.” As he stood up and lowered his pants, the AGT judge stated, “I’m wearing your underpants today.”

“I always wear the Ellen underpants,” Howie added as he flaunted the bright striped boxer shorts he received while on the talk program.

As the audience erupted in applause, Ellen bent over laughing, despite Howie’s insistence that the situation was no laughing matter.

“This is serious,” he said, exclaiming that the situation was “not a joke.” I’m going to miss her now that she’s departing.

“Plus, I’m not going to Target to buy a three-pack.”

Ellen complemented Howie’s “amazing legs” after he sat down.

He then said that his favorite form of exercise is going on a daily stroll, despite the fact that he admits it’s “a sign of becoming older.”

“Now as an elderly guy, I just stroll nowhere,” Howie added, observing that younger people don’t get together for walks.

Despite the fact that the program aired on Wednesday, Howie met Ellen during production on Tuesday.

The AGT judge was sent to the hospital after fainting just one day later.

According to TMZ, Howie was with his wife, Terry, and pals at a Starbucks in Woodland Hills, California, on Wednesday when he passed out.

After collapsing, the TV celebrity was lay down on a cement bench.

He was transferred to a hospital in nearby Tarzana after paramedics were called to the scene of the accident.

The AGT judge was able to sit up by the time the LA Fire Department arrived, according to witnesses.

Howie is thought to be a regular at the Starbucks location, as customers at the coffee shop knew him and were astonished to see him faint, according to TMZ.

According to reports, Howie passed out due to low blood sugar, and physicians are currently conducting tests on the actor at the hospital.


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