How to watch The Darling Buds of May before the release of The Larkins.


How to watch The Darling Buds of May before the release of The Larkins.

The Larkins, a new ITV drama, has given THE DARLING BUDS OF MAY a remake, but how can fans watch the original series?

The Darling Buds of May was a three-season comedy-drama that aired between April 1991 and April 1993. It starred some of the best British actors, and it established the career of Catherine Zeta-Jones, who played Mariette Larkin in the film. With a fresh cast taking on the legendary characters from Sunday night’s The Larkins, here’s all you need to know about watching episodes from the ITV archive.

The Darling Buds of May and The Larkins will have some parallels, but the reboot’s writers have tried to put their own touch on the narratives.

The taxman Charley Charlton (played by Philip Franks) falls in love with the Larkins’ eldest daughter, Mariette, in both of the initial episodes.

Because of the variations, some fans of the original may believe that the classic installments, which also starred Sir David Jason as Pop Larkin and Pam Ferris as Ma Larkin, are the best.

The latter two are being replaced by Bradley Walsh and Joanna Scanlon, who, despite becoming well-known in recent years, may not be able to match the original performers who played the legendary parts.

All episodes of The Darling Buds of May are therefore available to stream on the ITVHub for those who want to go back in time and explore the archives.

All nine two-part episodes are available, as well as the two seasonal specials that air on ITV in between seasons.

Many iconic series that formerly broadcast on the network are no longer available on the streaming service, as they have moved to Britbox.

This is done if the show no longer airs on any of the network’s numerous channels, however The Darling Buds of May continues to air to this day.

When it comes to the 90s, repeats of many dramas from the past can be seen on ITV3, which broadcasts reruns of many dramas from the past.

The channel was used to air vintage episodes of weeknight serial dramas Emmerdale and Coronation Street during the coronavirus outbreak.

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