How to Stream American Horror Stories in the United Kingdom


How to Stream American Horror Stories in the United Kingdom

The riveting spin-off from Ryan Murphy’s original horrifying series will be AMERICAN HORROR STORIES.

American Horror Stories was given the green light by FX earlier this year, and now a release date has been set. Ryan Murphy, the creator of the original horror show American Horror Story, is behind the project. Here’s all we know about the new series thus far.

Hulu will air American Horror Stories tomorrow, July 15, at 9 p.m.

The first two episodes will be available on launch day, with the remaining episodes airing weekly on Thursdays.

Regrettably, the streaming service Hulu is only available to residents of the United States.

As a result, unlike in the United States, UK fans will not be able to see the new horror series.

How many episodes are available on Hulu’s American Horror Stories?

The previous nine seasons of the mothership show American Horror Story aired on FOX UK a day after the US broadcast.

Unfortunately, this will not be the case with American Horror Stories, as FOX UK was shut down on June 30.

The decision was taken by the company’s owners, Disney, in order to move more of its content to Disney+, its streaming service.

Several FX titles, including The Walking Dead, have now been relocated to the streaming service.

There hasn’t been any word on when American Horror Stories will be released in the United Kingdom.

If the show was initially scheduled to air on FOX UK, it is possible that it will be made available on Disney+’s STAR content platform.

Although Disney has not confirmed this, it appears unlikely that the show will be available in the UK this week.

However, American Horror Stories could end up on another streaming service.

Who is in the cast of American Horror Stories on Hulu?

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On Netflix, you can watch the first nine seasons of American Horror Story.

With Series 10 premiering in August on FX and Hulu, fans are anticipating a similar season on the streaming service next year.

Is there a potential that Netflix may become the new home of American Horror Stories outside of the United States?

This article will be updated when more information becomes available.

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