How to stay cool during a heat wave: Five techniques to keep your home cool.


How to stay cool during a heat wave: Five techniques to keep your home cool.

A HEATWAVE has finally come in the United Kingdom, prompting many Britons to turn on their air conditioners. But, in the midst of a heat wave, how can you combat the heat and keep your home cool? An expert has offered advice.

Keeping cool in the UK during a heatwave can be difficult, especially if you live in a metropolis. Many Britons will be enlisting the help of a fan or two to remain cool, with many people still working from home across the country. Keeping a fan on all day and night, on the other hand, can be pricey.

With this in mind, Bulb, a green energy supplier, has offered some advice on how to stay cool in your house without increasing your utility expenses.

Simple efforts like closing your blinds and freezing your bedding, according to Erin Bullions, Sustainability Expert at Bulb, may make a big difference.

Here are her five recommendations:

This may seem counterintuitive, but it will help to keep your bedroom cool.

Keeping your blinds or drapes closed will prevent direct sunlight from entering your room.

Your room should be cool when you go to bed at night.

Others, on the other hand, claim that closing the curtains keeps the room warm by preventing fresh air from circulating.

Allow cool air to circulate by opening your windows and curtains after the sun has set.

Just make sure your lights are turned off, or you can end up with a lot of bugs.

Open windows and fans alone aren’t always enough to keep you cool.

If all else fails, put your blankets and pyjamas in the freezer.

Place your pillowcases and bed clothes in a zipped bag in the freezer 30 minutes before going to bed.

Take a cold shower while they’re cooling so your body temperature is as chilly as possible before retiring to bed.

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Remove the pillowcases and pyjamas from the freezer and put them on before going to bed.

You can also put a half-filled hot water bottle in the freezer if you have a large freezer.

This will keep you cool all night long.

Because your refrigerator and freezer are always on, using them to keep cool instead of a fan will save you money. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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