How to manufacture your own peppermint spray to prevent infestations, courtesy of Daddy Long Legs.


How to manufacture your own peppermint spray to prevent infestations, courtesy of Daddy Long Legs.

DADDY long legs are invading houses across the UK right now, and you may have seen a few darting around your house – but how can you keep them away? Here’s how to make your own peppermint spray to keep undesirable daddy long legs at bay.

It’s difficult to see an end in sight for getting these spider-like bugs out of your property for good, with an estimated two billion of these long-legged animals seeking out the warmth of our houses. While killing them as you see them may seem like a good idea, it won’t keep them away. However, there is an unusual treatment you can manufacture yourself to keep these crane-flies out of your home. There are many of old wives’ stories about how to keep spiders and other common household ‘pests’ out of your house, but how many of them are genuinely effective? While many of them have been discredited, such as spreading chestnuts around your home, essential oils appear to be a viable cure for daddy long legs.

This natural, fresh-scented repellent is an excellent alternative to harsh chemical repellents and is much gentler on insects.

The jury is still out on why this works so effectively, however it’s been believed that daddy long legs, flies, and spiders are put off by the strong fragrance of this minty-aroma.

Peppermint spray is great for keeping daddy long legs out of your home’s corners.

While it should not be used to kill them, it is an excellent prophylactic therapy that also has a pleasant odor.

The delicate legs of Daddy Long Legs, also known as Granddaddy Long Legs or Harvestmen, are well-known.

Crawling on a minty surface will give them a scare because they use their long spindly limbs to smell, taste, and touch.

It’s simple to make your own essential oil spray with just a few tools and components.

You’ll need the following items:

In a container, combine five to ten drops of peppermint essential oil with a quarter teaspoon of plain dish soap.

You’ll need distilled water for this to avoid diluting the peppermint oil’s aroma.

You may either buy distilled water or learn how to produce your own by reading on.

12 fluid ounces distilled water “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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