How to make Moon water – and why you SHOULDN’T make it tonight.


How to make Moon water and why you SHOULDN’T make it tonight.

Every month, the FULL MOON is the ideal time for a ritual, but tonight, it appears, is not that night.

The following are the reasons.

Moon water has been made for hundreds of years, and it is thought to have been invented by practicing witches for use in spells.

The same can be said for every other Moon ritual, from spells to crystals: they’ve all been around for a long time and have their roots in witchcraft.

This website explains how to make Moon water, as described in eclectic witch Semra Haksever’s book Moon’s Book of Magic: A life-changing guide to spells, crystal manifestations, and living a magical existence, and why not to make Moon water tonight.

Moon water is exactly what it sounds like: water left out in a glass, bottle, jug, bucket, or any other container under the light of the Full Moon.

People believe that the water is ‘charged’ in the same way that the Moon affects the ocean’s tides when it is illuminated by the Moonlight.

You’d think Moon water is a valuable addition to your evening, whether you’re spending the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse chilling out or already have a Full Moon circle, altar, and tarot cards at the ready…

You may, however, be mistaken.

For those who worship the Moon, Moon water is often compared to “holy water” because it is considered sacred and powerful.

“While the Moon is full, it is the perfect time to make the most of her shiny beaming rays and soak up her energy,” says eclectic witch Semra in her book.

Moon water should be collected only during New Moons, not Full Moons, but it depends on your intentions.

Witches frequently advise against making Moon water on Eclipse nights, according to Wicked Obscura’s blog post on the subject.

The reason for this is that “Eclipse Moon energy is volatile and chaotic.”

“Because eclipses are dark and can reveal our shadows, they should be used to release rather than harness our energies.”

“We recommend not making water, charging crystals, or manifesting during these times because the powerful and influential cleansing energies of the Moon can be harnessed and preserved by making Moon water.”

The energy of each Moon will be different.

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