How to keep your woollen items bouncy by using the FREEZER hack.


How to keep your woollen items bouncy by using the FREEZER hack.

WASHING clothing in the winter can be a chore, with thick knitwear and the cold weather necessitating more frequent and heavy washing – but how can you preserve your woolen garments in good condition while cleaning them?

When the weather becomes cold in the autumn and winter, there’s nothing better than snuggling into a warm sweater. While many of us appreciate the fluffiness of our winter clothing, repeated washing may quickly degrade the softness of woollen garments. Cleaning your woolen goods correctly helps keep them softer for longer, and Beko has offered its top suggestions on how to do so.

According to Beko research, we Brits aren’t the most knowledgeable when it comes to handling our laundry.

According to the home appliance specialists, 65 percent of Brits entrust their washing to their parents.

“That figure then jumped to 75% for men!” said Beko specialists in an exclusive interview with This website.

Almost a third of Britons would rather ask their parents to do their laundry than take out a loan.

When it comes to cleaning our clothes, we prioritize getting them clean.

You may have mastered the cleaning aspect of laundry, but few of us truly understand how to care for our prized possessions.

While fabric softeners are well-known for their ability to soften clothes when washed, some textiles can be damaged by each spin, leaving them rigid rather than soft.

Beko’s innovative freezer hack makes it simple to preserve the fluffiness of your favorite winter garments.

How to maintain the fluffiness of your woollen garments

One uncommon approach to preserve the suppleness of your garments is to freeze them before washing them.

You can apply this tip on: Simply store your clothes items in a plastic bag and freeze for a few minutes before washing.

Freeze the garment articles for two or three hours before washing on the appropriate cycle.

By hardening the fibres and maintaining a strong structure, the negative temperature of your freezer will prevent bobbling of your softer materials.

When washed, this will relax while still preserving the fluffiness of your autumnal clothes.

Before attempting this, double-check the labels on your clothing.

The goal is to cleanse gently. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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