How to keep rabbits out of the garden – four cruelty-free options


How to keep rabbits out of the garden – four cruelty-free options

RABBITS, while adorable, are common garden pests that may cause significant damage to their surrounds. Here are four non-cruelty techniques to keep rabbits away from your home.

Rabbits may wreak havoc in the garden in a variety of ways. They scour flowerbeds and lawns for hollows, adore sensitive young shoots and leaves, and gleefully take the bark off your prized trees. Rabbits can be a major headache for gardeners, as their droppings are sometimes mistaken for those of deer.

With the exception of potatoes and onions, rabbits devour almost all vegetable plants.

That means that if you want to grow veggies, you’ll have to do so behind a barrier or raise them high enough to keep them safe from predators.

Euphorbias, peonies, hellebores, foxgloves, daffodils, and snowdrops are just a few of the lovely plants that rabbits avoid.

Aromatics like rosemary and lavender can be avoided as well, but there’s always the possibility that one deviant rabbit will develop a liking for them.

Similarly, marigolds and onions are frequently advised as rabbit repellents, yet some rabbits enjoy them as well.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s website has a list of rabbit-resistant plants.

If the rabbits are outside your garden, try enclosing the area with rabbit-specific fencing.

Rabbits will eat through plastic fencing, therefore this must be made of wire mesh.

The wire mesh must be at least 75cm tall, with an additional 15cm buried beneath to prevent them from tunneling to get entrance.

Vulnerable areas and new plants in larger gardens can be safeguarded with similar barriers — even around individual plants.

The wire does not need to be buried in this situation, but it must be fixed to the ground if access is to be prevented.

Rabbits with sharp teeth enjoy ripping the bark off of young trees, causing irreversible harm.

Tree guards are required to safeguard the young sapling.

The flexible spiral plastic shields that wrap around the base of the trees are the most popular.

A determined rabbit will nibble off the bark where it’s left exposed if haps are left between the spirals at the base of a tree.

Use two guards, one on top of the other, if necessary, or close the spirals together.

Various sprays and natural therapies are available. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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