How to keep pigeons out of your garden – expert advice for a pigeon-free environment.


How to keep pigeons out of your garden – expert advice for a pigeon-free environment.

PIGEONS can be wonderful pets, but they can also be a problem in your garden if you don’t allow them in. This is how you can keep pigeons out of your garden.

Pigeons will consume the plants you’re trying to grow if they’ve decided to make your garden their home. Although these birds are harmless, they can cause severe damage to your property and possibly introduce disease-causing organisms into your garden. As a result, it’s critical to repel or scare them away before they cause any long-term damage.

Pigeons, like most pests, require a safe environment with a consistent and reliable source of food in order to develop and survive.

They will most likely build numerous nests after they have found a reliable food source, as they prefer to live in flocks.

They aren’t particularly fussy eaters, which can make getting rid of them for good even more difficult.

Pigeons are just as eager to eat exposed garbage as they are to eat seeds from your vegetable garden.

Only if you catch the pigeons before they make their nests will this strategy succeed.

As soon as you notice them entering your garden, spray them with a hose to scare them away.

Pigeons can also be deterred by using an automatic water jet or sprinkler set on a timer.

Birds don’t like water in general, so spraying them is a smart method to scare them away, and once you’ve done it a few times, they’re unlikely to return.

The tried-and-true practice of using a scarecrow to dissuade pigeons can be very effective.

Consider a scarecrow with a hawk silhouette and the ability to make sound or move in the wind.

Another important component is to rotate the scarecrow’s position on a regular basis.

If you don’t, the pigeons (and other birds) will become accustomed to the scarecrow’s presence and conclude that it poses no genuine threat.

Pigeons and birds can be deterred by reflective, sparkling lights.

Decorate your garden with CDs or other shiny surfaces to momentarily impair the pigeons’ vision, preventing them from nesting in your yard.

Bird netting is an excellent technique to keep unwanted guests and birds out of your garden.

If they’re going after a specific plant, you can cover it with the netting to keep it safe.

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