How to get rid of woodworm – the best ways to prevent and get rid of woodworm


How to get rid of woodworm – the best ways to prevent and get rid of woodworm

WOODWORM can eat away at any wooden surface, weakening it and causing major difficulties in the process. Here are some helpful hints for getting rid of woodworm.

Woodworm is an annoyance bug that feeds on all types of wood, leaving little round holes and a powdery residue behind. While most of the damage is aesthetic, woodworm can cause major structural issues with furniture, wooden beams, and other wood structures.

Woodworms, despite their name, are not worms at all.

Woodworms, on the other hand, are wood-eating larvae of numerous beetle species, most often the Common Furniture Beetle (niche name).

The larvae then bore through any wooden surface, such as furniture, beams, or flooring, leaving a powder behind.

They infest various kinds of wood and can cause major structural damage in some cases.

The indicators of a woodworm infestation, according to Rentokil, are

Fresh Exit Holes – Holes can form at any time of year, but they are most common from May to October.

Tunnels in Wood – Boring woodworm larvae bore tunnels in the wood.

Bore Dust – When woodworm insects emerge from the wood, they leave bore dust behind.

Floor Boards That Are Weak or Damaged – This could signal a significant infestation.

Adult Woodworm Beetles – Woodworm beetles are frequently hunting for a mate.

Adult woodworm beetles are occasionally unable to exit the property and perish.

Eggs — These can be tricky to spot.

Woodworm Larvae — Also known as wood grubs, woodworm larvae are a creamy-white color.

You can either hire an expert or hunt for a particular treatment for woodworm.

A Permethrin-based woodworm treatment must be applied by brush, dip, or spray.

They range in price from £6 to £20, depending on where you get them and how much of a treatment you require.

This should be used on any wood that has been impacted by woodworm.

To protect against further outbreaks, you should also treat any nearby wood items.

When the treated surfaces are dry, you can re-paint and re-varnish them.

You may take certain precautions to avoid a woodworm infestation in your home.

Humidity should be reduced.

Remove infected items from the vicinity of other wooden goods.

As quickly as possible, treat any woodworm-infested goods.


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