‘How to Get Away With Murder’: on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” 1 main character had a similar role:


A mystery series packed with murders, mysteries and plenty of twists is How to Get Away With Murder.

Recently, the series finished its six-hour run and viewers were definitely not disappointed.

In 2014, the series first premiered and starred actors including Viola Davis, Liza Weil, Timothy Hutton and many others. The series, which has received multiple awards, revolves around a group of students and their professor at a Philadelphia law school who guides them through an intense murder case.

The acting performances are impeccable and the script is equally amazing, so it’s not a big surprise that the series was such a massive success. Most viewers will agree.

Viewers could cheer for the Middleton University students and their intriguing professor for 90 episodes, who stopped at nothing to help the most vicious offenders in the city bring their cases in court. Let’s talk more about “How to Get Away With Murder” and how in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” a main character had a similar role.

Charlie Weber, who is he?

#BehindTheScenes from this unforgettable moment. May 23, 2020 #HTGAWM pic.twitter.com/gWW4UeGa8S- How To Get Away ABC (@HowToGetAwayABC) May 23, 2020 Most people are very familiar with who Charlie Weber is, but we’ll do a fast recap for those who don’t know.

The handsome and talented actor, born in Missouri, always knew he wanted to try acting and his millions of fans are undoubtedly happy he did.

Weber’s career started in 2000, according to Fandom, when he landed a part in The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy, and since then, he’s been on fire.

Fans would definitely remember him from popular shows such as Everwood, Underemployed and 90210, and in other television series, including The Drew Carey Show, House and CSI: Miami, to name a few, he has also had guest appearances.

Charlie Weber in ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ as Frank.

Celebrate the #HTGAWMFinale, hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown, with series creator Pete Nowalk and the cast! How To Get Away ABC (@HowToGetAwayABC) May 15, 2020 ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’: The end of the series was a backdoor pilot for a failed spinoff.

Although Weber has been acting for more than two decades, he is best known for his recent role in How to Get Away With Murder as Frank Delfino.

The character is a mild-mannered, straight-laced Philadelphia gunman who acts as Professor Annalise Keating’s protector of sorts.

Entertainment Weekly reports that not only is Frank a murderer, but also a sociopath who, when needed, is always ready to stir up some big drama and action.

Still, he still has a soft side, and Weber brings to life Frank’s part in a way no one else might. In an interview, in the final episode of the season, he talks about Frank’s personality and character, saying, “It was a great script, we shot a great show, and I really think we delivered a very, very wonderful series finale.”

On ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer” a main character had a similar role.

Giving it ALL to the final #HTGAWM pic.twitter.com/zQZfUHNolp- How To Get Away ABC (@HowToGetAwayABC) May 21, 2020Actors sometimes leave one position to play another, which is entirely different, but for Weber that was not the case. Years before Frank Delfino, when he played the role of Ben in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, fans knew him as another actor, and there are striking similarities. And how so? Well, both characters certainly have it in them to be decent, genuine people, but the unfortunate truth is that that doesn’t always compensate for the circumstances of their everyday lives.

Ben was a nurse with Buffy whose body had been taken over by a malevolent god, Glory.

Ben had true love for others and, if possible, saved people from Glory, but he had another side of him as well.

There were two sides of Frank Delfino as well: the sociopath and the guy who cared for his friends. To the roles of Ben and Frank, Weber added originality, and it is clear that he is able to portray characters of conflicting natures.


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