How to get a PlayStation 5 in time for Christmas with our PS5 buying guide.


How to get a PlayStation 5 in time for Christmas with our PS5 buying guide.

Customers have been unable to obtain a PlayStation 5 console since it was released in November of last year. These pointers should help you get a PS5 in time for Christmas.

It’s safe to assume that about a year after its release, PS5 supply have fallen short of demand.

The PlayStation 5 continues to sell out virtually as soon as it is released, to the point that websites have crashed once supply is released.

According to a recent estimate, the PlayStation 5 stock shortages will last until 2023.

Toshiba will be unable to produce enough power-regulating chips for game consoles, according to a report published by Bloomberg.

“Until at least September next year, chip supply will be extremely tight,” Toshiba’s Takeshi Kamebuchi said.

“In some circumstances, we may not be able to serve all of our customers until 2023.”

Express Online has put together a list of tips and methods for customers seeking to get a PS5 in time for the holidays, with stock levels continuing low.

There’s a general stock advice list for fans shopping online, as well as a list specifically for customers looking to buy a PS5 from GAME.

For the most up-to-date information, see the PlayStation 5 buyer’s guide below.

• Get to know the bundles so you’ll know which one to go after first: Obscure bundles are easy to get by, but standalones are nearly impossible to come by. [GAME]• As soon as you’re alerted, click over to your first bundle of choice as quickly as you can to join the line. [GAME]• If you try to checkout and it says it failed, it implies the bundle is currently out of stock. So return to the packages and select another. [GAME]• Checking out too many items too soon will result in a 30-60 second timeout, so take your time. If this happens, simply wait a few moments and try again. If you already have an account with the retailer, log in.

• Whenever possible, use various devices: a desktop browser, a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone.

• If the shop offers a specialized app, download it and use it to buy a PS5.

• If feasible, sign up for retailer stock alerts. Users can register their interest on sites like ShopTo.

• Keep an eye on stock checker accounts and websites such as PS5 UK Stock and Express Gaming.

Another helpful hint is to look for “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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