How to clean with tea: FIVE ways to use your favorite beverage to make your home cleaner.


How to clean with tea: FIVE ways to use your favorite beverage to make your home cleaner.

TEA is a popular beverage in the United Kingdom, with over 100 million cups consumed each day. While we Brits are used to sipping tea, few of us are aware of how it can be used to clean. Here are five ways you can clean using tea.

Cleaning your home using a combination of commercial chemicals can be costly, ineffective, and waste a lot of valuable storage space. Cleaning your home with natural alternatives you already have is a terrific way to avoid harsh chemicals while still getting the job done. One method to make your cleaning routine more natural is to repurpose your morning brew, but what exactly can you clean with a cup of black tea? In her cleaning segment on Steph’s Packed Lunch, cleaning expert Hayley Leitch revealed all, demonstrating viewers how to clean their homes with leftover black tea.

The self-described “obsessive-compulsive cleaner” dazzled the crowd with the washing and degreasing powers of the renowned British beverage while explaining how it works.

“When it comes to tea, it works as a really good degreaser, it works as a really fantastic cleaning agent,” Hayley said on the show.

“The tannins in the tea are to blame.”

Hayley demonstrated how to clean a variety of items with tea on the show.

The trick is guaranteed to clean up goods and surfaces throughout your home, with anything from greasy frying pans to shoes left immaculate after being cleaned with just one brewing bowl of black tea.

Cleaning your grease pans with tea can eliminate the heavy residue in no time, leaving your cooking items looking like new.

It’s easiest to pour a significant volume of the solution into the pan from the bowl of brewed tea.

Simply boil the kettle and pour the contents into a wide, thick glass bowl, followed by a handful (five or six) black tea bags.

Hayley demonstrated how to erase chocolate stains off a plank of hardwood flooring using a spray solution of black tea on the show.

She makes the tea in the bowl in the same way she did with the frying pan, then decants it into the empty spray bottle.

“All,” she said. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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