How to care for wooden garden furniture that is susceptible to weather damage in the winter.


How to care for wooden garden furniture that is susceptible to weather damage in the winter.

WINTER has arrived, which means it’s time to make sure your outdoor wooden furniture is weatherproofed and protected against the elements.

Multiple methods for protecting outdoor furniture, such as wooden garden tables and chairs, have been shared by one expert.

With temperatures dropping and people spending more time indoors, it’s critical to ensure that any outdoor furniture will be protected during the cold winter months. Because not all outdoor furniture is created equal, yours may have different requirements than your neighbor’s.

Garden furniture experts have outlined specific tips for all types of furniture to keep your benches, sets, and storage in the best possible condition.

All Round Fun experts have shared their top tips for cleaning and protecting outdoor furniture, so it stays fresh in the winter and looks great when spring and summer arrive.

“Wooden furniture is a popular choice for gardens because it is durable and often less expensive than other materials,” experts said.

“Because it’s a natural product, it’s prone to weather damage.”

Garden experts from All Round Fun demonstrated how to clean outdoor furniture.

“Give your wooden garden furniture a gentle scrub with warm soapy water,” they suggested.

“Any dirt and grime that has accumulated since it has been outside will be lifted off with this.”

If you have the option, use a sponge or stiff brush instead of a fabric cloth, as a fabric cloth may snag on loose grains, according to experts.

“Some wood furniture, such as teak, can even withstand a pressure washer rinse,” they continued.

“However, always check what kind of wood yours is made of, as water can lift the grain of other types.”

Garden furniture should be sanded after it has been cleaned.

The importance of allowing garden furniture to dry before sanding was stressed by the experts.

“If your furniture requires a deeper clean, allow it to completely dry after washing before lightly sanding it,” they advised.

“This will aid in the removal of any stubborn stains and scuffs.”

After sanding, apply a coat of wood oil to the garden furniture.

“Don’t forget to treat your freshly cleaned furniture by giving it a good lick of wood oil,” the experts advised.

“Pick an oil that matches the color of your furniture, whether it’s clear or colored.”

Experts say teak oil is a great choice for most types.

“Generously buff into the,” they said further.

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