How to care for indoor plants in the winter: A guide to indoor plant care.


How to care for indoor plants in the winter: A guide to indoor plant care.

HOUSE PLANTS may appear to be easier to care for when they’re protected from the elements all year, but did you know that they’re just as vulnerable to the elements as your garden plants throughout the winter?

Gardeners around the UK should be preparing their gardens for the hard winter weather, and ardent indoor plant owners should be doing the same. Given their sheltered settings, protecting your houseplants from extreme weather may seem weird, but draughts and cold-season pests may represent a greater threat to your indoor pots than you may imagine. These expert-approved strategies will make caring for your houseplants during the winter a breeze.

As we get closer to October, the rate at which our houseplants grow will begin to slow as the weather begins to change.

Late fall brings decreasing light levels, causing indoor plants to enter a dormant phase, which is characterized by stunted development.

This occurs so that the plants, like the plants in our gardens, can prepare for the winter season and rest.

As the weather drops, most homes become too cold and dry for indoor plants to thrive, rendering our favorite houseplants dormant.

While turning up the thermostat will provide a warmer climate for your houseplants, maintaining a well-balanced environment is essential.

Too much heat, humidity, or water can be just as detrimental as not enough, so make sure to give your plants plenty of rest so they can develop in the spring.

Plants that are dormant require very little water, and if they are overwatered, they will decay.

If there is too much water in the container, it can rot into the compost or cause mushy, weak growth.

To check if the soil is dry, stick your finger a few inches down into it.

“Reduce your indoor plant watering routine to once a fortnight – the only exception is winter-flowering plants like poinsettias, which need watering as and when the compost gets dry,” Samantha Jones, a gardening expert, told This website.

Dusting your indoor plants’ leaves is necessary to allow them to absorb as much light as possible so that they can create nourishment.

Use a moist towel to clean off the dust every morning, or stand the plant in a lukewarm shower for five minutes once a week to keep it healthy.

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