How to Care for a Mint Plant – Four Easy Steps to a Healthy Mint Plant


How to Care for a Mint Plant – Four Easy Steps to a Healthy Mint Plant

MINT is a beautiful addition to a kitchen garden and may be used in a variety of dishes. So, how should a mint plant be cared for?

Many people choose to grow their own mint in their gardens or kitchens. While many people envision their mint plants as thriving additions to their window sills, they often wilt and die. Here are some helpful hints for maintaining the health of your mint plant’s foliage.

Mint plants need to be watered on a regular basis to thrive, especially during hot and dry weather.

Indoor mint plants also require regular watering, so keep the soil moist.

However, excessive watering can cause mint plants to get waterlogged, causing them to decay.

Mint can be planted outside in late spring or indoors eight to ten weeks before the final frost date.

Mint is usually extremely easy to cultivate, but it can get overgrown if it is allowed to bloom too much.

Mint spreads outwards and can become rather crowded, so it’s best to put it in pots rather than in the ground.

Mint can be grown in a large container using multi-purpose compost.

When growing mint, light soil with sufficient drainage is essential.

Planting several species of mint together can cause them to lose their flavor and scent.

Most mint varieties can grow in the sun or moderate shade, depending on the variety, but double-check before planting.

Mint harvesting can begin once mint leaves appear above ground in the spring.

Regularly cutting the mint helps to stimulate new leaf growth and keeps it flavorful.

It’s also critical to take efforts in the late summer to ensure that mint thrives in the future.

“After flowering has finished in late summer, cut back plants to just above soil level and feed with a high-nitrogen fertiliser to stimulate a fresh flush of leaves for fall picking,” according to Gardeners’ World.

“Divide in the autumn to produce new plants. Using a spade, lift a clump and slice it into pieces.

“Replant the vigorous outer margins and discard the old center. In the autumn, divide congested pot-grown mint.

“To avoid waterlogging throughout the winter, place containers on pot feet.”

If you follow these measures, your mint plants should be ready for picking again next harvest season.


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