How much will the switch to halogen light bulbs cost you?


How much will the switch to halogen light bulbs cost you?

From September 2021, HALOGEN light bulbs will be outlawed in an effort to reduce emissions and save consumers money on their energy costs.

As part of the UK government’s climate change plan, halogen light bulbs will no longer be sold in the UK starting in September. Experts estimate that the measure will save consumers money and reduce carbon emissions by 1.26 million tonnes per year.

Halogen light bulbs will be phased out in September, with consumers opting for LED bulbs instead.

As the UK returns to being greener, the move is part of the government’s climate change plan, which will see higher energy efficiency standards for electrical items in homes.

This month, legislation prohibiting the sale of fluorescent bulbs will be brought forward, meaning they will be unavailable starting in September 2023.

LED lights currently account for roughly 66 percent of all bulbs sold in the United Kingdom.

LED lights last five times longer and produce the same amount of light as typical halogen light bulbs while using up to 80% less energy.

From September 1, stores in the UK will be unable to sell the majority of halogen bulbs for regular household usage due to the new legislation.

LED light bulbs are predicted to account for 85 percent of all bulbs sold by 2030 as a result of the modifications.

According to the government, the step will save British customers £75 per year on their energy bills.

“We’re phasing out outdated inefficient halogen bulbs for good, so we can move more quickly to longer lasting LED bulbs, meaning less waste and a brighter and cleaner future for the UK,” said Energy Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

“By assisting in ensuring that electrical appliances use less energy while performing equally effectively, we are saving households money on their bills while also assisting in the fight against climate change.”

“Flicking the off-switch on energy inefficient light bulbs is a simple method for households to save money while also helping the planet,” said Lord Martin Callanan, Minister for Climate Change.

“Another way we are helping to combat climate change is by phaseing out halogen bulbs in favor of LED equivalents that last longer, are just as bright, and cost less to run.”

Many people have resorted to social media to express their worries about the prohibition and the potential cost rise.

“We received a halogen,” one Twitter user commented.

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