How much did it cost to build the Devon spaceship house on Grand Designs?


How much did it cost to build the Devon spaceship house on Grand Designs?

GRAND DESIGNS returns to television tonight, and viewers will discover how a Devon businessman built a mansion that looks like a spaceship. But how much did it cost to construct?

Over the years, fans of Grand Designs have seen a wide range of properties, from traditional homes to the most extreme and unusual institutions. Joe, a Devonshire property developer, will give an insight into how he developed the Hux Shard, his family’s home that appears more like a spaceship than a house, in a new Channel 4 series. What is the exact cost of constructing such a landmark in the Exeter countryside, given the businessman’s investment of millions of pounds?

Joe Priday set out four years ago with the goal of creating “one of the nicest homes on the globe” for himself, his wife Claire, and their three children.

The couple lived in a bungalow before the Hux Shard was erected, and they intended to build on the ground next to it.

With little opposition to their plans, development began, and the property developer was informed by planners that if he built a modern house “of architectural value,” he could have the paddock of land.

Instead of being tucked away, the property had to be eye-catching and something out of this world that people would stop and stare at.

Joe also wanted the sculpture-like structure to resemble the design of a supercar, such as a Ferrari, which cost him £2.5 million in total.

The house’s original budget was £835,000, but it took longer than the original seven months to complete, pushing the cost into the millions.

These are rock formations that are abundant in Devonshire and are one of the hillside’s most recognizable features.

The outside, on the other hand, is designed to look like an art gallery, a spaceship, a shark fin, and a futuristic take on Stone Henge.

The £2.5 million price tag includes the purchase of 34 zinc shards used to recreate the tors of Exmoor and Dartmoor.

One of the most beautiful residences on the world

Priday, Joe

It also contains £200,000 worth of timber beams and 46 sheets of custom glass, as well as £500,000 worth of zinc coating.

Joe, 35, explained why he wanted the supercar structure added to his home: “Supercars.”Brinkwire Summary News


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