How many episodes are there in ITV’s The Larkins?


How many episodes are there in ITV’s The Larkins?

THE LARKINS is a new period drama on ITV, and fans of the original series The Darling Buds of May will be interested to see how it has been revived. However, how many episodes will be broadcast?

The Larkins is one of the most eagerly anticipated shows on the ITV autumn calendar, and the first episode will air this evening. Bradley Walsh, the host of The Chase, is playing Pop Larkin, while Joanna Scanlon is playing his wife, Ma Larkin. The series will air in the same time slot for the next few weeks, making it ideal for Sunday night viewing. Here’s everything you need to know about the first season’s episode count.

The Larkins will air from 8pm to 9pm on Sunday evenings on ITV, which is one of the most important times in the Sunday evening schedule.

Thousands, if not millions, of viewers are expected to tune in as it competes with BBC One’s The Mating Game and BBC Two’s Antiques Roadshow.

It won’t be a one-off episode, as is typical with dramas in this time slot, as the series will run for the next month and a half.

This is due to the fact that season one contains six episodes, each of which delves into the life and times of the renowned 1950s family.

It is still unknown whether a season two will be produced, however if the ratings are positive, more episodes may be included in future seasons.

The six-episode series will end on November 14, 2021, but fans have already been informed that a special episode will be released later that year.

Regardless of if season two is approved, producers have already shot a Christmas special that will air in December.

“I will not say a word explicitly but there are lots of twists and turns in it,” actress Joanne teased, hinting that this isn’t what fans would anticipate from a festive episode of the program.

“It honestly reminds you what Christmas is all about – what it truly is all about – while also providing you with, hopefully, a lot of laughter and pleasure along the way.”

“It’s got a twist, to say the least,” Bradley remarked.

The timing is crucial. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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