How long will the servers be down for the Genshin Impact update 2.1?


How long will the servers be down for the Genshin Impact update 2.1?

The release of GENSHIN Impact version 2.1 on PC, Mobile, and PlayStation platforms is set for today, August 31. Here’s all we know about the outage and the new patch.

This week, plenty of interesting things are planned for the popular free-to-play RPG, but first, some Genshin Impact maintenance is required.

The bad news is that Genshin servers will be unavailable for an extended period of time, which will end when update 2.1 is released.

The good news is that those who check in after the dust has settled will find a wealth of new content and functionality.

New characters will be added, and the Baal Banner will begin as soon as the servers are restored.

Sara, a ranged attacker who could become popular as a new team member, will be joining Baal, an Electro Archon.

After this Banner finishes, Sara, a 4-star character, will be available in Version 2.2’s regular desire “Wanderlust Invocation.”

“During this event wish, the event-exclusive 5-star character”Plane of Euthymia” Raiden Shogun (Electro) will enjoy a substantial drop-rate boost,” Mihoyo says in a message.

“The 4-star characters “Crowfeather Kaburaya” Kujou Sara (Electro), “Exquisite Delicacy” Xiangling (Pyro), and “Harmless Sweetie” Sucrose (Anemo) will receive a massive drop-rate enhancement during this event wish.”

New characters are typically the major attraction, but Mihoyo has promised new islands to visit as well as new fishing mechanics to enjoy.

The fish captured can not only be used to prepare meals, but they can also be traded in for valuable items at the Fishing Association. There’s even the possibility of catching colorful ornamental fish to display at home.

Unlock the Serenitea Pot System and complete the quest “Exploding Population” to gain access to this new feature.

A pin for marking Fishing Points has been added to the map to make it easier for travelers to record the locations of Fishing Points. Travelers can set the pins as needed.

However, before any of this new content can be enjoyed, gamers must endure a lengthy maintenance period.

The official Genshin Impact maintenance window has been established for Tuesday, August 31 at 11 p.m. BST.

The delay is expected to last about five hours and will conclude after Genshin 2.1 is released.

It should be mentioned, however, that due to the late nature. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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