How long may you be waiting for an allotment in the UK? Shocking data reveals waiting times in the UK.


How long may you be waiting for an allotment in the UK? Shocking data reveals waiting times in the UK.

Following the pandemic-driven increase in gardening and the desire to possess outdoor areas, ALLOTMENTS are in staggeringly high demand across the UK – but how long can you expect to wait for your own?

The demand for garden space is higher than ever, with an estimated three million more Britons taking up gardening since the pandemic. The quest for space has driven a surge in rural living and home upsizing, but allotments have filled the hole for people confined in flats and cities. The horrific waiting times to rent allotments across the UK have been revealed by new statistics, and here is what you can expect in your region.

The astounding waiting times for allotment plots across the UK have been revealed by data obtained by MyJobQuote through a Freedom of Information request.

According to the report, which included 302 local authorities from throughout the country, London Boroughs have the top ten longest average waiting times.

One young gardener in the Camden region of Northwest London was said to have waited a record 6,690 days for his spot.

With almost 100,000 Brits on the waiting list for an allotment site, the demand, which has increased by more than 200 percent, does not appear to be waning anytime soon.

It’s no surprise that Camden, London, came out on top for the longest wait durations, owing to a man who waited 6,690 days.

The staggeringly long wait is comparable to 17.5 years, so don’t anticipate a rapid response if you’re looking for an allotment in the borough.

East Lothian Council in Scotland came in second, with an average waiting period of 15 years.

According to the data, the following councils have the longest allotment waiting times:

Huge numbers of people are signing up for allotment spaces on council waiting lists around the country.

With only 2,280 persons waiting for their rented garden space, North Tyneside was at the bottom of the top ten waiting lists in the UK.

With over 6,800 persons waiting for an allotment space, Nottingham City Council topped the list.

With a definite trend of city locations topping the lists for the longest wait times, it appears that the waiting list of ambitious gardeners is only becoming longer.

Since then, the link between gardening and better mental health has gotten a lot of attention. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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