How Elvis Presley, according to their testimony, won over Priscilla’s parents


When she met Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley was just 14.

They waited until she was 22 to get married, but while she was still a teenager and Elvis was in her 20s, there were still six whole years left. Priscilla also finds herself updating the documents and clarifying just how respectful of her special circumstance Elvis was.

In 2017, Priscilla was a guest on the Seven Networks Sunday Night Podcast to chat with Elvis about her past. In order to present their relationship to their parents, she explained in depth the lengths they both went to.

Early in their relationship, Elvis Presley met Priscilla’s father,

Priscilla grew up with Ann Wagner, her mother, and Paul Beaulieu, her stepfather. Priscilla met Elvis while the latter was stationed in Germany, when he was in the army there. It wasn’t long before Beaulieu asked for a meeting with him.

Priscilla said, “My parents were a nervous wreck,” My dad was really strict, and understandably so. We were only in the late ’50s, then in the early’ 60s.

But he met Elvis and his father met him.

That was the law. Before I continued to see him, he had to meet them. It was on the third date when he said,’ No, you’re not going. I’m not going to let you.”

On Beaulieus, Elvis made a good first impression.

Wanted to Sell Graceland by Elvis Presley Associates – How Priscilla kept the King’s House

“My parents asked to meet the two of them,” Priscilla continued. Elvis brought his father, in fact. Of course, not the whole family, but there was his grandmother, too.

But Elvis came, in full uniform, which was very pleasing to my father, and shook his hand.

And for an hour, they started talking right away, and I looked at my watch. He took my time, but yes, they were nervous.

Priscilla and Elvis were planning their talks with their parents

For Priscilla’s parents, one meeting wasn’t enough to sign off on her dating an older guy.

Elvis knew their relationship had to be handled gently.

Priscilla Presley had a surprising impression of Colonel Tom Parker, the founder of Elvis Presley,

Priscilla said, “I think it was when I told my parents they had to let me go or it would ruin my life,” “That is when I think they understood.

That was to talk to him after several calls from Elvis. He set me up by saying, “You’re going to start talking to your parents, and then I’m going to call and talk to your parents.”

Priscilla Presley needs the confusion to clear up.

Elvis had already moved to the U.S. by the time the two were married and purchased his Graceland home. Priscilla, however, did not run away from his home and eloped with him.

Elvis Presley thought that his best film, Do You Agree, was ‘King Creole’?

“There’s a misunderstanding out there,” she said. “There’s a rumor that I just decided to go to Graceland. No, that was a lot of planning by Elvis, not by me, and he was an old-fashioned man. He really was. He said, ‘No, you’re young and when we’re married and 21, it’s all for nothing.'”


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