‘How does death work?’ After a space voyage, William Shatner sobs as Jeff Bezos consoles him.


‘How does death work?’ After a space voyage, William Shatner sobs as Jeff Bezos consoles him.

WILLIAM SHATNER has broken down in tears after his space voyage.

Following his successful voyage to space, William Shatner, 90, was consoled by Jeff Bezos earlier today. Following his brief trip, the Star Trek legend was visibly moved.

He was spotted talking to Jeff about his flight after landing safely.

“Everyone has to see what you did,” he added, “that was incredible, unbelievable.”

The actor began to cry as Jeff, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, consoled him.

“You’re looking into blackness, and you look down, and there’s blue down there, and black up there,” he continued.

“Is there death, or is there mother Earth?” Is that how death works?” This encounter was very touching; it’s really extraordinary.” “What you have given me is the most deep experience I can fathom,” the actor concluded.

“What just transpired has filled me with such feeling, it’s extraordinary.”

The two founders of Amazon, Jeff Bezos and William Bezos, then exchanged tearful embraces as they discussed the rocket launch.

“I pray I never recover from this,” William added. I’m hoping to keep the feelings I’m experiencing right now.

“I don’t want to lose it; it’s bigger than life and me.”

William became the oldest man to go to space when he launched on the Blue Origin rocket earlier today.

As the capsule took off from the Texas desert, the Captain Kirk star was aboard with three others.

The journey took only about 10 minutes before the astronauts safely returned to Earth.

On the flight, William was accompanied by Blue Origin vice president Audrey Powers.

Chris Boshuizen and Glen de Vries, the other two crew members, were paying clients.

Around 4 p.m., people all across the world were able to observe the rocket launch.

Jeff was the first to open the capsule after it landed safely on Earth to check on everyone.

He was on the New Shepard for Blue Origin’s first flight in July.

Mark Bezos, a teenager named Oliver Daemen, and aviator Wally Funk were all aboard.


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