How did Amanda Owen suffer a black eye on our Yorkshire farm?


How did Amanda Owen suffer a black eye on our Yorkshire farm?

Our Yorkshire Farm’s beloved Yorkshire Shepherdess, AMANDA OWEN, has lately suffered an injury.

Amanda Owen stars in Channel 5’s Our Yorkshire Farm, which follows her, her husband Clive, and their nine children around the farm. The docu-series chronicles not just their personal lives, but also the day-to-day operations of Ravenseat Farm. Farm life has its drawbacks, even though it appears to be a better way of life at times.

Our Yorkshire Farm airs weekly episodes on Channel 5, providing viewers a glimpse into the Owens family’s daily lives.

However, because the series isn’t airing right now, the only way to keep up with them is to follow them on social media.

Although Clive Owen does not have an online presence, the Yorkshire Shepherdess does and continues to promote their work on the farm.

This includes any farming tasks that can become risky.

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Amanda Owen (@yorkshireshepherdess) shared a post.

Amanda shared a photo of herself and her sheepdog Kate on Instagram last week.

This appears to be similar to many of her other photos until you notice she’s wearing a shiner.

A close-up of Amanda’s injury is shown here, followed by a photo of her laying down with an ice pack on her eye.

The caption on Amanda’s post simply reads, “Injured in the line of duty.” A sheep kicked me in the head.”

Fans took to Instagram to express their support for the Yorkshire Shepherdess.

“Ouch, hope it isn’t too painful,” one follower said, while another added, “praying for rapid recovery,” and a third added, “Oooh! That had to be painful… “Get well as quickly as possible.”

Amanda is seen shearing a sheep in a video posted earlier that day, which is presumably when the event occurred.

Amanda, on the other hand, hasn’t stopped going out because she’s still working hard at Ravenseat.

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Amanda shared a video of herself and one of her children earlier today, Saturday, August 7.

“Out in force on the gather,” she wrote. There are some cunning old yows out there, but we’ll get there in the end.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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