‘How are you going to enforce?’ Drakeford is chastised by Susanna Reid for a mistake in Covid’s passport plans.


‘How are you going to enforce?’ Drakeford is chastised by Susanna Reid for a mistake in Covid’s passport plans.

On Monday’s ITV show, SUSANNA REID and GMB co-host Richard Madeley both grilled First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford over the rollout of Covid passports across the country.

On Monday’s Good Morning Britain, Mark Drakeford spoke with Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley about the Covid passport plans for Wales. With the new measures taking effect today, Mr Drakeford was quizzed on how the passes will be adequately managed, with the GMB presenters pointing out the system’s “vulnerability,” with it appearing very easy to alter a result. However, when Mr Drakeford recognized that the designs had flaws, Reid and Madeley piled on the pressure.

Reid inquired after knowing that lateral flow test results would adequate to pass the measures: “It would be difficult to fake the fact that you received a double immunization,” he said.

However, lateral flow tests, particularly negative lateral flow tests, are notoriously difficult to enforce.

“For example, if I were minded as well, I could simply give someone else’s results.” “How would you ensure that negative lateral flow tests are genuine?” “First and foremost, you’re correct that it is a vulnerability within the plan,” Mr Drakeford told the GMB host. “We have created a specific offence which means that if someone wilfully falsifies the outcome of a lateral flow test, they will be breaking the law in Wales,” the First Minister of Wales added, describing how he hopes to avoid such cases.

“I believe the larger issue for me is that we have literally thousands and thousands of people undergoing lateral flow tests every day of the week in Wales,” says the author.

They’re not doing it to go around the legislation; they’re doing it to ensure their own safety from the coronavirus, as well as the safety of others.

“And I’m confident that the vast majority of people attending a rugby match or a nightclub will use the lateral flow devices in this manner.

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“Not to go around the restrictions, but to ensure kids are protected from this terrible disease.”

“Hold on,” Madeley interjected, repeating Reid’s concerns about the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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