‘How are you doing today?’ Gallacher of GB News takes issue with Simon McCoy’s “bad temper.”


‘How are you doing today?’ Gallacher of GB News takes issue with Simon McCoy’s “bad temper.”

As they discussed the top topics on the Great British Breakfast, GB NEWS host Kirsty Gallacher chastised her co-star Simon McCoy for his poor mood.

On the Great British Breakfast, comedian Dave Chawner joined Kirsty Gallacher and Simon McCoy to discuss the latest headlines in the UK. The topics varied from Greggs inspired nail art to the A-level results, but it appears that GB News host Simon wasn’t impressed with Dave’s choice of articles, prompting Kirsty to slam him.

“Are you brilliant, or what? “Inject that extra jolt of energy,” Kirsty said to Dave.

“Cheer us up,” Simon agreed, but Kirsty wasn’t delighted with his demeanor.

“How are you doing today?” Simon apologized and said, “I beg your pardon.”

“Are you in the best mood you’ve ever had?” As Simon looked away from the camera, Kirsty continued.

“Are you going back to your A-level results?”

“She asks why I’m not doing Strictly Come Dancing and wonders why I’ve been in a foul mood since,” Simon said, referring to their co-star.

As Simon shook his head, Kirsty added, “Don’t you think Dave, it’s going to happen.”

“Good luck with that, we’ll start a petition,” Simon joked as his colleagues offered costume options. “I’ll be sponsored by St. John’s Ambulance, that’s the only one sponsoring me,” he said.

On Tuesday morning, one of the topics mentioned was Ozzy the cat, who had gone missing and then reappeared years later.

“A missing cat has been reunited with its owners in Newton Abbott after being missing for 13 years,” Dave explained.

“How do you know it’s the same cat after such a long time?” It’s possible that it’s a different cat.

“However, it appears to have been in a vacation park for the past 13 years, and it was eight miles distant.

“Its name is Ozzy, and after 13 years, it has been reunited with its owner Natalie. She is adamant that it is the same cat.”

Kirsty said, “What a sweet story,” to which Dave replied, “It is a sweet story.”

“Hang on, tire’s a lot of issues raised by that story,” Simon cut in, wanting explanation.

“Did she get a new one? Is there another cat occupying its spot?”

Dave agreed, and Kirsty continued, “Why did it come back after all these years?”

“Did it have a good time at the holiday park?” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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