Horizon Forbidden West has been postponed until 2022, and State of Play will be released in September, according to rumors.


Horizon Forbidden West has been postponed until 2022, and State of Play will be released in September, according to rumors.

The latest PS5 news includes rumors about the release date of Horizon Forbidden West as well as Sony’s forthcoming State of Play show.

Another in-the-know and trustworthy journalist, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, has backed up the Horizon Forbidden West delay story.

Schreier, who has correctly predicted the postponement of numerous games before it was officially confirmed, took to Twitter this week to back up Jeff Grubb’s assertions.

“A source informs Bloomberg that Sony has delayed the PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West to the first quarter of 2022, confirming a report relayed by @JeffGrubb yesterday,” Schreier tweeted. The latest in a string of 2021 postponements in the video game industry.”

“To address one question,” Schreier continued, “it appears that the original report was that Sony hadn’t made a decision yet, but my understanding is that the game was postponed a little time ago.”

The postponement of The Last of Us Part 2 was earlier discovered by the ex-Kotaku journalist before it was officially announced by Sony.

Horizon Forbidden West, one of the most eagerly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusives, may have to wait a little longer.

That’s according to insider journalist Jeff Grubb, who has learned that Aloy’s next expedition may be postponed until 2022.

In his Giant Bomb Show, the VentureBeat journalist revealed this, but he cautioned that the anticipated delay is not clear.

According to Grubb, Sony is planning a State of Play in September, but it’s unclear if this would be a general State of Play or one dedicated solely to Horizon Forbidden West.

A Reddit user brought attention to the rumor. “A user on Era stated that Jeff Grubb mentioned Horizon: Forbidden West in his Giant Bomb Show, and allegedly he learned that the game is being delayed to 2022,” a Redditor commented.

“Also, it appears that a State of Play will be held in September (though it is unclear if it will be dedicated to Horizon or will be a general State of Play).”

Grubb then responded, stating, “Hi, I did basically say this.” I tried to make it clear that this is what I’m hearing, not that it’s a foregone conclusion.”

Grubb has an impressive track record of accuracy, having correctly leaked countless announcements ahead of time. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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