Honey Ross, Jonathan Ross’ daughter, flaunts her curves in a plunging shirt for glam shots.


Honey Ross, daughter of Jonathan Ross, oozed confidence in a plunging top for her body positivity talk at Cheltenham Festival on Saturday as she encouraged listeners to embrace their bodies

Jonathan Ross’ daughter Honey Ross has wowed fans once again as she opted to ditch the bra in a plunging autumnal bodysuit when she took part in Cheltenham Festival on Saturday.

The 24-year-old redhead shared a slew of snaps from the event over the weekend including a beautiful snap as she enjoyed a relaxing glass of wine after a successful and inspirational body positivity chat.

And Honey made sure to show off her hourglass figure as she rocked the autumnal range when she opened the event in which she teamed her chocolate brown bodysuit with a pair of tan corduroy trousers.

She dressed down the look with a pair of white trainers which she accessorised with a silver pendant necklace and a pair of silver circular glasses.

The natural beauty decided less is more in terms of her on stage makeup and rocked a full face of natural makeup which enhanced her clear complexion and beautiful freckles.

Before she took to the stage, Honey added a swipe of mascara to her luscious lashes and a soft pink lipstick to make them stand out for her interview.

During the on-stage chat, the body positivity advisor discussed the idea of body neutrality which can be much more approachable to those who are struggling with their image.

She told attendants: “Body neutrality can be a lot more approachable than body positivity.

“I think body positivity can feel very daunting, because we have been bombarded with messages our whole lives to hate ourselves and to then go overnight to, ‘Love yourself! Why don’t you love yourself?’ What the f**k is up with that?

“Yes, faking it till you make it can work, it worked for me and it is an amazing tool,” she clarified.

“But also easing yourself in, practicing self-compassion and going, ‘I might not feel like I’m a goddess but I’m doing my best. I have arrived, I am here in my body and that’s good enough today’.

“And that’s a really positive start,” she reassured.

After her impressive speech, the TV star took to Instagram to share her latest achievement with her loyal legion of fans online.

She captioned the series of snaps: “The Body Protest at @cheltfestivals for @voicebox_.

“Such a joyful time – a delightful audience and a really beautiful chat –. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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