Homeowners are advised to avoid using salt to de-ice patios and driveways because it can weaken concrete.


Homeowners are advised to avoid using salt to de-ice patios and driveways because it can weaken concrete.

Homeowners have been advised not to use salt or vinegar to de-ice their patios and driveways.

After a frost, a paving expert explains how to remove ice from patios and driveways.

A slick sidewalk, driveway, or patio, especially if it’s sloped, can be extremely dangerous.

There are a variety of methods for homeowners to de-ice these areas of their property, but many of them may do more harm than good.

On icy days, Cass Heaphy, digital director at Paving Direct, has provided some helpful hints for maintaining footpaths, driveways, and patios.

Although vinegar and salt are commonly used to de-ice surfaces, they may cause more harm than good.

Salt and vinegar solutions are “not recommended” for concrete and natural stone paving, according to the expert.

These solutions have the potential to weaken the stone and concrete surfaces.

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Homeowners should instead try to use sand.

Sand, on the other hand, has limited de-icing properties, despite providing slightly more grip.

The surface of stone or concrete block driveways can be damaged by dilute vinegar, brick acid, and salts such as gritting salt.

They both have corrosive properties, which could cause damage in the future.

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Cleaning products that are more appropriate for these materials should be used instead.

To de-ice these areas, homeowners can use a urea-based product that is non-corrosive and does not contain salt.

“It’s usually pet friendly, but it only works down to about -5C or -6C,” Cass explained.

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“A snow shovel andor a stiff yard broom, as well as some elbow grease, should keep driveways clear.”

“The best strategy is to avoid ice build-up in the first place.

“You give daytime sunlight the best chance to thaw remnants and keep those walkways clear by keeping icesnow off the pathways.”

Some homeowners may be unaware that their pathways, driveways, and paving are being used because they are at work all day.

Delivery drivers and postal workers, on the other hand, can walk up and down sidewalks and driveways on a daily basis.

Cleaning ice or snow could result in a person slipping and injuring themselves fatally.

If a homeowner does not clean up after themselves, they will be fined.

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