Homeowner is taken aback as a couple sits in her lawn and ‘eats their dinner.’


Homeowner is taken aback as a couple sits in her lawn and ‘eats their dinner.’

A HOUSEHOLDER was disgusted to discover strangers picnicking in her garden.

After the strangers arrived and began eating their supper in her garden, the mother rushed to the Mumsnet group to vent her rage. The pair had been advised they were on private property by the mother, who preferred not to give her identity, but they stayed to read books.

People believe they have the right to sit wherever they choose, even in front of my gooseberry patch.

The property owner

The homeowner claimed that she “passively-aggressively watered the hanging baskets” in an attempt to entice the strangers to go, but they apparently lingered after they were ordered to leave.

According to the Liverpool Echo, many other parents online understood the woman’s rage.

Tourists in the region mistake the woman’s yard for a park because she lives in a huge farmhouse near to a public footpath.

“There are two strangers sat in my lawn having their dinner,” she said online.

“I informed them that it is private property and not a part of the walkway that runs alongside it. They’ll be on their way soon, it appears.

“I’m too scared to say anything else right now, but I’m watering the hanging baskets approximately 5 meters away from them, and they’re purposely not making eye contact with me.”

“They aren’t eating anymore,” she said, “and are now sat reading maps/map books, I believe.”

“We have a busy footpath pass directly next to the house, and I believe that because of the footpath, many mistake our garden for a public park. This isn’t the first time it’s happened (I joke about setting up some picnic benches and charging), but it’s the first time they’ve refused to relocate when asked…”

The thread received over 300 comments, many of whom thought the woman should have approached the strangers.

“What?!!!” wrote one individual. Tell them to get it moved right away!”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” said another.

“Get your hose out and start watering them,” a third individual said.

“Oh God, I would despise this,” said another. Make a cup of coffee and join them in their conversation.”

“We live in a National Park, and you have my sympathy, OP,” another joked. Would you like to borrow a bull or a group of really enormous, slobbery bulls right now?”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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