Holly Willoughby of This Morning presents the audience with the newest member of her family.


Holly Willoughby of This Morning presents the audience with the newest member of her family.

Holly Willoughby of This Morning introduces the newest member of her family to the audience.

The host of This Morning, Holly Willoughby, proudly displayed her new addition to viewers, who fell in love with her golden retriever puppy Bailey right away.

Holly Willoughby gave viewers of This Morning a rare glimpse into her personal life when she introduced the newest member of her family.

The presenter couldn’t contain her joy when she showed off her new addition on the sofa, a golden retriever puppy named Bailey.

The little furry bundle appeared at ease in the studio, perched between Holly and co-host Phillip Schofield.

‘Today we have a very special visitor in the studio,’ Holly explained.

‘I’m overjoyed to introduce you to Bailey, my family’s newest member.’

She asked her dog, “Are you going to say hello?”

Bailey was brought to work by Holly, 40, to help with a segment about puppy training and care, which was hosted by local veterinarian Dr.

Scott Miller is a writer.

Holly admitted that she had no idea what to expect from a puppy before going on to say that becoming a dog parent had taught her a lot.

“I’ve never had a dog before in my life,” she explained, “so this is a steep learning curve.”

My cat, Bluebell, is mine, but

I’ve been sick with the baby bug and haven’t gotten much rest.

“This is ridiculously over-considered.”

Throughout the feature, the sleepy five-month-old pup did her mother proud by being the picture of perfect behavior, happily snoozing on the sofa.

Holly, on the other hand, was constantly distracted by her pet, gushing over her cuteness and comparing her to a classic children’s movie star.

She exclaimed, “She reminds me of Falkor from the Neverending Story!”

Viewers on Twitter couldn’t stop themselves from giggling when they saw the fluffy visitor.

One person said, “I’m also distracted by @hollywills puppy Bailey, she is adorable.”

“Bailey is absolutely stunning!” exclaimed another.

“Bailey is such a sweet puppy,” said a third.

Some fans of the show have requested that Bailey become a regular co-host due to her endearing demeanor.

One viewer wished Holly and Bailey would appear every day.

I’m completely smitten.

What a beautiful dog.”

One supporter wondered, “Can Bailey be on every morning?”

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