Holidays in Spain: A ‘tough year’ is predicted for Benidorm, with tourist taxes and booster requirements.


Holidays in Spain: A ‘tough year’ is predicted for Benidorm, with tourist taxes and booster requirements.

BENIDORM is one of Britain’s most popular holiday destinations, but one hotel association predicts a “tough year.”

For Britons hoping for some sun later this year, a trip to Spain may be on the cards, but a vacation this year may be very different from one before the pandemic.

Britons over the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated with two doses before entering Spain.

Britons who aren’t put off by travel requirements may want to consider a trip to Spain.

And what better place to visit than the Costa Blanca, particularly Benidorm, the main resort town?

A vacation in Spain this year, on the other hand, may look very different than it did before the pandemic.

In addition to Spain’s entry requirements, the Valencian government intends to impose an overnight tourist tax.

The tax, according to the hotel association Hosbec, would “destroy a sector that has suffered so much during the pandemic.”

The association was pessimistic about 2022, reporting that average occupancy was only 61.3 percent last year, down from 84.2 percent the previous year.

With last week’s occupancy of only 53 percent, it expects more of the same in 2022, or even worse.

Before the Omicron variant, the forecasts were at 80%.

British citizens have been canceling vacations in droves, and tour operators have followed suit.

Many hotels in Benidorm were closed over the holidays and New Year’s because everyone had cancelled.

For the coming year, Hosbec predicts “significant difficulties.”

Travelers from the United Kingdom may find that there are fewer hotels available in Spain.

If the start of the year is any indication, they may also enjoy fewer crowds.

According to ABTA, the most popular destination for Britons is still Spain.

In a poll, 30% of people said they planned to travel to Spain this year.

Spain recently published a list of high-risk countries, which will remain on the list until January 16th.

Vaccination certificates will be accepted in Spain starting February 1 “as long as the last dose of that course of vaccination was no more than 270 days ago.”

“From that point on, the certificate must show the administration of a booster vaccination,” the government website continues.

Travelers will need to be boosted in order to enjoy a summer vacation in Spain.

The UK Government has removed the requirement for a pre-departure test before returning home, making it easier to take a vacation abroad.

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