Holidays in nations on the Amber List are described as “complex.” expert cautions


Holidays in nations on the Amber List are described as “complex.” expert cautions

Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport, said that double-vaccinated Britons will be able to travel freely to amber countries. However, a travel expert has warned that the process would not be simple.

Britons who have obtained their COVID-19 vaccine will be able to travel to amber list nations for leisure this summer, according to the government. But how enjoyable will the vacation be?

Nicky Kelvin, travel expert and Head of the Points Guy UK, says it won’t be the most restful vacation because the procedure is “quite difficult.”

Traveling to other countries this summer, according to the expert, might be risky, especially for families who don’t travel often.

“I recently returned from a business trip to the United States, which is currently on the amber list,” he explained.

“Because of the amount of paperwork needed at each step, I found the process of returning to be quite complicated.”

“I needed a test within 72 hours of returning from the United States, and I chose Covid testing business Qured, which I obtained before leaving on my vacation to avoid having to find a testing service after I reached abroad,” he explained.

“The test is taken through video with a medical practitioner who validates the outcome and offers a certificate.”

“When I arrived at the Los Angeles airport, I had to produce proof of a negative test result as well as fill out a Passenger Locator Form,” the expert stated.

“Travelers will need to register an account on the government’s website and complete a lengthy form.

“Travelers will have to produce documentation of their day two and day eight tests results, which cost around £90, in addition to the Passenger Locator Form and a negative test result.

He stated, “I utilized Randox, who were quite efficient and sent the tests to my home before I returned to self-isolate.”

“PCR tests are clearly more inexpensive than they were this time last year, despite their high cost.”

“Another issue to consider is that while British holidaymakers can now easily travel home from amber nations, these countries may have limitations in place on arrival,” he cautioned.

“Countries like Spain, France, and Italy can amend their laws for incoming travelers at any time, especially as UK COVID-19 infections continue to rise.”


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