Holidays are 305 percent more expensive during major events – where to avoid them.


Holidays are 305 percent more expensive during major events – where to avoid them.

Britons planning a vacation should keep an eye on activities taking place throughout the country. Major events bring price increases, thus frugal vacationers may want to travel at other times.

The cost of lodging is being influenced by events across the country.

What other events should Britons keep a watch on, given that the London Marathon has reportedly increased Airbnb costs by over 10%?

When it comes to holiday pricing, Brits looking for the greatest deal should avoid major events.

While most Britons are aware that Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and the Queen’s Birthday will raise prices, they may be unaware of additional dates that may have a significant impact on their holiday costs. projected an almost 10% increase this year due to the London Marathon, which will take place in October.

However, while the increase is significant, it pales in comparison to the event that had the greatest impact on hotel pricing this year.

The Isle of Wight’s Cowes Week saw a 305 percent spike in Airbnb pricing.

The island’s costs were dramatically raised for the event, which is one of the world’s oldest sailing regattas.

The 2021 Open Championship experienced a 144 percent increase, while the TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow saw a 105 percent increase.

Surprisingly, the Euro Final only resulted in a 104 percent increase in pricing.

Apart from sporting events and festivals, Britons should keep an eye on several major UK calendar events that could have a significant impact on their vacation spending.

Britons planning a trip to London towards the end of the year may want to miss the London Marathon.

Similarly, the Cardiff Half Marathon, which takes place on October 3, may have an impact on hotel pricing in the city.

With the Iris Prize Festival taking place in Cardiff and the BFI London Film Festival in London, October may be a month best avoided in both cities.

In other news, Cheltenham will host a Literature Festival in October.

Britons may want to avoid traveling on Bonfire Night in November.

Prices will almost certainly rise as a result of increasing demand at events around the country.

In November, the London Jazz Festival, Durham’s Lumiere Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, and Kendal Mountain Festival all take place.

Kendal will undoubtedly host the world’s largest mountain festival. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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