His co-star, Johnny Depp, praised Johnny Depp’s excessive generosity to the Pirates of the Caribbean team.


His co-star, Johnny Depp, praised Johnny Depp’s excessive generosity to the Pirates of the Caribbean team.

JOHNNY DEPP has played Captain Jack Sparrow in five Pirates of the Caribbean films, and now his Mr Gibbs co-star Geoffrey Rush has revealed how he and his Barbossa co-star would thank the crew with extravagant gifts.

When cast and crew work on numerous films in a series, there is almost always some form of team bonding. There have been five Pirates of the Caribbean films released in the last two decades. Following the fourth one, On Stranger Tides, Johnny Depp, who plays Jack Sparrow, spent a lot of money on the crew in order to make what is still the most costly film ever made.

Depp spent a stunning £40,000 on winter coats for 500 Pirates of the Caribbean crew workers back in 2010.

The main reason, according to reports, was due to the cold and rainy British weather at Pinewood Studios.

“Johnny spent out of his own pocket for all 500 of us to have a lovely warm waterproof,” a crew member told The Sun at the time.

“It’s a terrific morale booster and yet another illustration of why he’s one of Hollywood’s kindest guys.”

Kevin McNally, who played Captain Jack’s first mate Mr Gibbs in all five Pirates films, was recently interviewed by this website.

“He purchased the entire crew coats, the cast didn’t see any coats,” the 65-year-old said when asked whether this was true. He didn’t seem to want to spoil us!” He also sent the entire team some really lovely wallets with his arm tattoo embossed on them.” The tattoo in question is a real tattoo of a sparrow on his forearm, which is named after his character’s name.

On the set of Pirates of the Caribbean, it wasn’t simply Depp who was generous, but also his Barbossa co-star.

“And Geoffrey Rush handed everyone a black pearl at the end of the first film, which I still have,” McNally continued.

“And after 20 years, I still haven’t managed to have it mounted in any way!” Maybe when I get home, I’ll start on that!” In the last Pirates film, Salazar’s Revenge aka Dead Men Tell No Tales, Rush’s Barbossa made his final appearance.

The pirate captain made the ultimate sacrifice in order for his genuine prize, Carina Barbossa (Kaya Scodelario), to live.

The ocean’s curses were lifted in the final Pirates film, which meant that Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner was free. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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