‘Highly recommended!’ says the author. Fans of Mrs. Hinch share a one-pound trick for unclogging sinks.


‘Highly recommended!’ says the author. Fans of Mrs. Hinch share a one-pound trick for unclogging sinks.

A £1 trick for unblocking sinks has been revealed by cleaning enthusiasts. Mrs. Hinch’s supporters stated the strategy is “highly recommended.”

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame after offering housekeeping tips and advice on social media and television. On Instagram, the cleaning aficionado has amassed over 4.1 million followers. Her devotees have already formed their own social media groups dedicated to cleaning and organizing advice.

A user in one of the communities inquired about unblocking sinks.

“Can anyone recommend something to unblock our sink please?” requested Jessica Cross on Facebook.

The post received a lot of feedback, but the most prevalent suggestion was to use bicarbonate of soda.

“When I have a clogged sink in my house, I drop half a cup of bicarbonate of soda down it, then one cup of white vinegar,” Janet Candy explained.

“Leave for half an hour, then pour a full pot of boiling water down the drain.”

“It might take a few tries. As I have an old cottage, I use this roughly once every two weeks for maintenance.” “Pour bicarbonate of soda down the leave, then use white vinegar,” Kelly Muir said. “Check the U-bend pipe under the sink, it’s probably full with gunge!” suggested Linda Walsh. For £1, you can get 500g of bicarbonate of soda at Savers.

Mrs Hinch fans also recommended using a plunger, dishwasher tablets, and unblocking the sink.

“If you have a wet vac, try that and cover the overflow,” Craig Ley advised.

“Plunger?” suggested Jade Mason. The lubricant is fairy and hot water.” Are you looking for a new house or just want to take a look around? Please enter your postcode in the box below, or go to “Washing up fluids,” Cath Boyd answered in YourArea. “Put a cover over the excess and plunge it,” Sue Penhallow said. “Dishwasher tablet on sink hole, then melt with hot kettle and soda crystals, if you have them!” Debbie Chalk answered. “HG drain unblocker the one with two bottles in,” Mandy Foley stated.

“It’s fantastic, and you can get it from B&Q or Amazon.”

“I just used Mr Muscle sink unblocker to do my bathroom sink,” Tracie Ait Hmidine said.

“I let it sit for a couple of hours before pouring hot water on it, and it worked!”


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