HGTV’s Jasmine Roth Demystifies Home Renovation Process With Vibrant Debut Book ‘House Story’ (Review).


After attracting more than 16 million viewers last year with her series Help! I Wrecked My House on HGTV, designer and builder Jasmine Roth has proven to be a real network star thanks to her fresh and creative styles. From helping transform cookie-cutter houses into custom dream homes to rescuing overzealous homeowners from disastrous DIYs, the California-native has brought her bright, daring flair to every renovation and design for clever, unique solutions. But as she shares her home expertise across TV shows for the network, the designer is ready for her most personal volume, simplifying the home renovation process with fresh tips care of her debut book, House Story: Insider Secrets to the Perfect Home Renovation.

Offering a rare glimpse behind the TV curtain with a nearly 300-page guide bursting with vibrant, gorgeous photos, House Story is a beautifully organized celebration in eliminating the guesswork and stress of any home project. Released Oct. 12 by Penguin Random House and available now in all bookstores and digital retailers, the hearty guide is an enjoyable read, lit up with Roth’s affable conversational style and accented most perfectly with interior-designed snapshots from photographer, Dabito. Breaking it down most easily through four common design types and their many style subsets, Roth provides readers and fans with tools to arm themselves for any renovation, including worksheets and thought-provoking questions to nail and customize every design aspect accurately.

Broken down into eight chapters, starting with “Creating Your House Story,” Roth ensures readers most naturally through her good-natured voice that every ounce of information shared is for the homeowner in question. Noting how “house story” might be an “easy catchphrase” throughout the text, it’s one she adamantly believes in for homeowners looking to create their personal oasis. With each chapter acting as a roadmap throughout the renovation process and brimming with tips, tricks and step-by-step instructions, whether it’s a major construction or minor cosmetic update, Roth’s objective for all readers is to ensure their design feels as cohesive and complete as ever.

Acting almost as a companion book to her series and perhaps even every show on HGTV, Roth’s book brilliantly breaks down most simplistically the four core designs every home style is accentuated with while noting the chosen design will be the base of one’s house story. Citing how it will be a significant part of one’s home and a design style that will probably not change, Roth also… Brinkwire Summary Entertainment News.


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