Here’s Why The University of Alabama’s Sorority Rush Is Making TikTok Go Crazy.


Here’s Why The University of Alabama’s Sorority Rush Is Making TikTok Go Crazy.

The sorority rush process, or the procedure by which a sorority recruits new members, is not something that is generally seen as being of great interest to anyone outside of that process. That’s all changing now, thanks to social media and, in particular, TikTok. The University of Alabama’s sorority rush process has a tremendous following on TikTok, with videos with the hashtag #AlabamaRush being viewed nearly 20 million times.

In general, the films show PNMs showing off their attire for themed gatherings and describing where they purchased each of the items they’re wearing. Other films included behind-the-scenes footage of them getting ready for the event, as well as footage from the event itself. The sorority recruitment process at Alabama turns out to be very vigorous, with over 2,200 females participating in rush each year.

As the videos have grown in popularity, more people’s TikTok apps have began to feature them in the “For You” category. Some users appear perplexed as to why they were shown the information, despite the fact that it was an obvious fit for others. Regardless of whether TikTok’s recommendation was reasonable, many people were captivated by the videos and got addicted.

The escapism that the sorority rush films afford to those who see them is undoubtedly part of their attraction. The videos delve into a rather obscure culture (Southern sororities) and provide insight into what makes them tick.

“You can follow an account and basically watch your own reality show of someone’s vlog or something,” Jenn Ficarra told NBC. “I believe Southern sororities are so narrow and so specific to a single place in America, that everyone finds it fascinating.”

NBC spoke with a number of folks, including some who don’t think sorority TikToks are all that interesting. Clearly, something about the videos has struck a chord with a larger audience, and many people are finding it difficult to turn away. They become emotionally involved and watch video after video of their favorite PNMs.

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