Here’s What You Need to Know About YouTube’s Public Dislike Counts.


Here’s What You Need to Know About YouTube’s Public Dislike Counts.

It’s difficult to envision a future without YouTube. The video-sharing website has become the go-to place for people all over the world to publish videos on nearly any topic and interact with other users.

Likes and dislikes are one of the most crucial parts of video interaction. Likes and dislikes on YouTube have been a clear way of assessing community reaction to new uploads for years, but that’s changing today. So, what’s the deal with YouTube dislikes? Continue reading to learn more.

So, first and foremost: The dislike button is still accessible when you pull up any video on YouTube, thus it hasn’t been “removed.” What’s changed is the ability to make that metric public. Instead of a video broadcasting to the world how many people detest it, the information will now be available just to the producer of the content. In YouTube Studio, creators will be able to view how many dislikes their video has received, as well as other video data.

YouTube claimed in a blog post that they’ve decided to suppress public dislike numbers in order to prevent abuse and “dislike attacks” (when a group deliberately inflates the number of dislikes a video has) on the platform. While dislikes can help visitors determine whether a video is spam, clickbait, or something else, the site’s developers were more concerned about the detrimental impact they could have on content providers.

The business also stated that “dislike attacks” were disproportionately affecting smaller content creators, thus they believed it was imperative to respond. According to Tech Crunch, YouTube didn’t reveal the specifics of the hate count experiment they’ve been running for the past year or so, but they did say that the findings of their studies spanned “several months” and gave a “in-depth analysis of the impact” that dislikes have on users.

The transition is expected to be gradual, and it will take effect on the platform on November 10, 2021. If your account is chosen, there is no way to opt out of the dislike-count removal, but you can always email complaints to YouTube’s creators via their platform.

YouTube is far from the first multimedia platform to try to get rid of public counters. Instagram has just made it possible for users to… Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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