Here’s some random BTS trivia that only ARMYs will understand.


Here’s some random BTS trivia that only ARMYs will understand.

BTS is made up of seven members, each of them plays a different function within the K-pop group. With more than seven years since their debut, fans have learnt a plethora of random, fascinating information about these artists, such as their favorite colors, foods, and even their incomprehensible nicknames.

For ARMYs, here’s some obscure BTS knowledge.

V despises shoes.

V is one of the more outgoing members of BTS. He is ambidextrous and can play the violin (to a degree).

This artist despises shoes and is frequently seen barefoot or in sandals.

His choice of footwear is most likely owing to his skin ailment, “cholinergic urticaria,” which causes him to feel “itchy, itchy.”

‘Porrnesian Parrapio’ is another nickname for RM.

Fans have given these musicians a number of nicknames. “Baby Mochi” is Jimin, while “God of Destruction” is RM. According to a video, the members of this K-pop group agreed to change their names while in Hawaii.

J-Hope changed his name to J-Dope. Jungkook introduced himself as Justin Seagull, and Jin introduced himself as Bread Genie. Suga was given the nickname “Yeon Kimin” by J-Hope. J-Move, as in “moving,” was Jimin’s name. According to a translation, Suga commented of Jimin’s name, “That’s pretty tacky,” to which the other members chuckled. RM gave himself the moniker “Porrnesian Parrapio,” which means “Porrnesian Parrapio.”

Despite the fact that the nickname didn’t catch on, some admirers still refer to the rapper by it.

Jungkook is capable of (and has accomplished) the bottle cap challenge.

There’s a reason he’s known as the “Golden Maknae.” Jungkook can do pretty much whatever he sets his mind to.

The bottle cap challenge appears to be included in this.

V, Jimin, and Jungkook tried their hand (or rather, foot) at the bottle cap challenge during an RUN BTS performance. Jungkook was the only artist who was able to successfully combat the internet craze.

Sugar and coffee are being eliminated from Suga’s diet.

Min Yoonji’s BTS stage name is “Suga.” This artist, on the other hand, was a major admirer of coffee, particularly iced Americanos. However, in a recent interview with WIRED, the rapper revealed that he is trying to reduce his caffeine consumption.

Jungkook once wore a carrot costume.

Jungkook is affectionately referred to as “bunny” by some admirers. During BTS’ fourth MUSTER, he took his nickname to the next level by dressing up like a carrot in the middle of the show. BTS members replied to Carrot Jungkook’s video months later.

According to a translation provided by Esquire, Suga asked, “Why in the world is he a carrot?”


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