Here’s How to Get a Free ‘Thursday Night Football’ Ticket.


Here’s How to Get a Free ‘Thursday Night Football’ Ticket.

With the NFL season in full swing for the 2021-2022 season, football fans are gearing up for another week, beginning with a brand-new Thursday Night Football game.

More changes have emerged after the NFL transferred all TNF games to Fox in 2018. Despite the fact that millions of people still watch Fox’s prime-time broadcast, most individuals no longer have cable subscriptions. As a result, the league has expanded its live streaming options.

There used to be Reddit streams, but those are no longer available. There are many options for watching an NFL game these days, but are any of them free? Let’s take a look at some of the ThursdayNightFootball networks, apps, and streaming platforms.

This year, both the NFL App and the Yahoo! Sports App offer free streaming of ThursdayNightFootball matchups. Both apps offer free live streaming of local and primetime NFL games. What’s better? The game can be seen on as many devices as you choose. These games are available to watch on your phone, laptop, tablet, and smart TV (only the NFL app).

Fox Sports Go is another free alternative, although it requires a cable subscription. To get live broadcasting of any sports programming, you must input your cable credentials. So, if you don’t have a cable subscription, you may use the NFL and Yahoo! Sports apps to watch the games.

The NFL and Fox agreed to a deal for the Thursday Night Football package in 2018. Fox NFL Thursday has had the rights to broadcast certain games during the season for the past three years. In addition, the NFL Network continues to carry Thursday night games under the generic title of Thursday Night Football on NFL Network every week.

The internet streaming rights to broadcast TNF have been controlled by Amazon Prime Video since 2017. You needed an Amazon Prime subscription for the first year of the deal; however, Prime now includes free game coverage on the live streaming network Twitch.

The NFL announced in May 2021 that Amazon Prime Video would be the licensed broadcaster of Thursday Night Football beginning in the 2022 season. Fans can now watch live streams from anywhere, on any device, thanks to this new arrangement.

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