Heidi Klum photographs Tom Kaulitz half naked in bed


One is used to private insights from Heidi Klum. Even her husband Tom Kaulitz is not safe from her camera. The model shows him in a bathrobe and it is noticeable: He wears no underwear.

No sooner has the modeling debut of her firstborn, Leni Klum, been celebrated than model mom Heidi Klum returns to her Instagram routine. She posts new photos of herself and husband Tom Kaulitz cuddling in bed. In a black and white photo in her Stories, she even shows the musician almost naked. Bathrobe and bedspread cover the most necessary: the guitarist of Tokio Hotel wears no underwear.

He lies in bed, wrapped in his thick bathrobe and still has a bit of bedspread over his central midsection. Tom looks into his laptop while Heidi flicks him off several times in an unnoticed moment.

That’s how Heidi’s fans know it, but had to do without it for a longer time. Because in the past week, the posts of the model mom belonged almost without exception Leni. “I will forever do everything so that you are happy and your dreams come true. I’m proud to be your mom!”, she commented on Instagram on the cover of the German “Vogue”, which Heidi and Leni Klum adorn. Eight different posts on the topic followed, including a three-generation photo with grandma Erna Klum.

Heidi Klum and her second husband, British singer Seal, had three children together: Henry, Johan and Lou. Daughter Leni brought Klum into the marriage. She was later adopted by Seal Samuel, as he is called by birth. The couple announced their separation in 2012. The divorce followed in 2014. In May 2018, Klum made her relationship with Tom Kaulitz public. The two gave themselves the word of consent in August 2019.



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