Heidi Klum, 48, has undergone a dramatic hair transformation.


Heidi Klum, 48, is completely transformed with her new hairstyle.

In a recent Instagram story, stunning supermodel Heidi Klum showed off her wildly colored locks in a jaw-dropping new Instagram display.

Heidi Klum wowed fans when she posted a new look on social media.

The 48-year-old supermodel drew a lot of attention with her bright purple hair and wispy chopped fringe.

Heidi held her phone up to capture the transformation and even roughed up her hair to prove to her fans that it was real in the teaser clip.

The German-American actress wore a full face of makeup, including dark eyeshadow, long fluttery lashes, and contoured coverage, as if she were getting ready for a glam event.

The runway star sat in a casual bright green hooded tracksuit in the hairdresser’s chair, looking ageless.

Meanwhile, the TV star opened up about her new musical venture with Snoop Dogg.

After filming for the talent-scout show, the Germany’s Next Top Model star decided to pursue a singing career.

At the wrap party, where the entire cast and crew of the model-hunting show gathered to celebrate, it was claimed that someone suggested Heidi sing the theme song for the next series.

“You don’t have to ask me twice to sing something on stage,” Heidi told the Daily Mail, adding, “I’m a huge Snoop Dogg fan.”

According to the starlet, Snoop Dogg was the only person she had in mind for the collaboration.

While the two were not close friends, they did have a good understanding of one another.

“I know Snoop from seeing him out and about and living in Los Angeles,” Heidi told the publication, so she decided to “give him a call and ask him straight up.”

She didn’t have to do much arm twisting, according to the bombshell, and was invited to work with him in his own Californian studio.

Heidi made the internet go crazy earlier this week when she posed in a yellow floor-length dress held together by string.

The eye-catching outfit was bursting open, revealing the singer’s slender curves and exposed flesh.

“This is my new favorite dress,” the stunning German-born model captioned the photo.


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