Heather Peace, who plays Eve Unwin on EastEnders, is a British actress.


Heather Peace, who plays Eve Unwin on EastEnders, is a British actress.

EASTENDERS will see the arrival of a new star in Albert Square. But who is Heather Peace, the Eve Unwin actress?

Eve Uwin will be joining the cast of EastEnders (played by Heather Peace). She’ll be joining the cast this fall, and she’ll undoubtedly bring her own brand of drama to the Square. Peace’s addition has caused some dramatic changes to the BBC soap, and fans are wondering where they have seen the actress before.

This article includes spoilers for upcoming EastEnders episodes.

When Eve Unwin makes her debut in Albert Square this autumn, she is sure to cause a sensation.

While no date has been set for when Eve will initially appear, the BBC has given some information about the character.

She arrives in Walford with a strange past that connects her to none other than Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner).

Eve is a feisty ex-con who met Stacey for the first time while they were both in prison.

Stacey will be returning to Walford in the coming weeks, and she’ll be bringing a significant secret with her.

It won’t be kept a secret for long, though, because Eve will be arriving soon after her.

When Eve shows up on Stacey’s doorstep, it won’t be long before the Square is aware of her presence, as she promises to clash with numerous of Stacey’s close pals.

Stacey is on a mission to reclaim her life, and the last thing she needs is Eve stirring up trouble in the Square.

She’s not sure if the tough-as-nails Eve can be trusted, or if her attempts to put the past behind her would merely generate more issues.

Eve may be recognizable to viewers when she joins the ensemble, as star Heather Peace has been in a number of highly successful television series.

Peace was most recently seen in Holby City, where he played Alex Dawson till 2020.

She is well recognized for her roles in Waterloo Road, London’s Burning, The Chase, Ultimate Force, and Lip Service, among others.

Peace expressed her joy at joining the EastEnders cast, saying, “I’m really thrilled to be joining the cast of EastEnders, and I love my character Eve.”

“She’s tough but fair, and she’s incredibly bright and cheeky. I’m having a blast working with such a talented ensemble, especially Lacey Turner.

“We were up and running in no time.

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