‘He said walk away,’ says the star of Salvage Hunters Classic Cars about a disagreement over a James Bond car.


‘He said walk away,’ says Salvage Hunters Classic Cars star on James Bond car dispute.

SALVAGE HUNTERS: CLASSIC CARS is back for a second season, and Paul Cowland discussed one of the most difficult challenges.

He discussed the restoration of a Lotus Esprit exclusively with This Website.

Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars is back for a sixth season, and Paul Cowland is back with Drew Pritchard.

The two collaborated on a unique project, restoring an early Lotus Esprit, which was immortalized in James Bond’s film The Spy Who Loved Me.

Cowland explained why it was one of the most difficult projects he and his partner had ever undertaken.

Paul Cowland has a lifelong love of all things automotive, and his enthusiasm shines through in the latest season of Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars.

In one of the first episodes, he and Pritchard come across one of Hollywood’s most famous vintage cars.

The bright orange Lotus Esprit was a hard to come by, and it has become synonymous with the James Bond franchise.

Cowland revealed that the project caused him and his on-screen business partner to clash.

“What’s nice about our show is that we try to make it as real as possible,” he told this website.

“So if you see a disagreement on screen, it’s because we disagree; if we agree on something, we agree; if we disagree, it’s because we disagree.”

“And Drew genuinely said on the day we were filming, ‘Let’s leave this car, I think we can find a car that needs less work.’

“And because it was such an early car, it was pure because it stayed true to its original design.”

“We wanted that car, but Drew told us to ‘walk away, it’s too much money,’ and he was correct.

“It took a lot of time and effort, and we didn’t make a lot of money in the end.”

“However, once we became emotionally invested in the restoration, it became less about the profit and more about getting that car back on the road.”

Repairing the bodywork was one of the most important projects, and Cowland went into great detail about the restoration process and its challenges.

“There are a few men and a few ladies of a certain age, around their 40s now, who remember The Spy Who,” he explained.

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