Hawkeye: Kate Bishop (hashtag)1 Review: Kate Bishop’s Spirit Captured by a Clever Comeback


Hawkeye: Kate Bishop (hashtag)1 Review: Kate Bishop’s Spirit Captured by a Clever Comeback

Kate Bishop believes she is the best Hawkeye, and if you ask Marvel Comics fans, they would probably agree.

Kate Bishop has been a standout heroine since her first appearance, and her time with the Young Avengers saw her reach new heights.

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop has debuted to give the private investigator a new solo series, and the first issue will remind fans why the heroine remains a fan favorite.

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, written by Marieke Nijkamp, debuts this week with a bold start focused on new beginnings.

The story begins with a convoluted heist, which reflects Kate’s conflicted thoughts.

After all, the heroine is supposed to return home for a special reunion, but Kate is being held captive by the West Coast.

Or, at the very least, it’s about Kate clinging to the version of herself she most desires.

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop starts the story with a series of quick, clever lines that keep the action moving.

Given Kate’s unraveling state of mind, the fast pace is appropriate, but once she finds a comfortable way home, things slow down as a case presents itself.

But it appears that Kate’s new case is linked to her older estranged sister this time.

Because of their history, the ladies throw a wild homecoming that leaves Kate on edge.

The sisters unearth unsettling details about their vacation home, and the cliffhanger occurs when a young resident goes missing.

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop is a good place to start because it sets up a delicious drama with a mystery thrown in for good measure.

While Kate deals with her fear of returning home, the plot is driven by an unexpected reunion and a missing child.

Kate has found a version of herself that feels right after a year on the West Coast, but she is afraid that her hometown will erase that identity.

Artists Enid Balam, Oren Junior, and Brittany Peer contribute to the complexity created by Nijkamp.

Kate has never looked better in purple, and this issue flows nicely.

Even Lucky gets his own visual quirks, which is a nice touch given how well-known Kate’s pizza dog has become.

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop got off to a strong start in its first issue, and it continues with that momentum in this issue.

A juicy cliffhanger teases that Kate is the target of a seedy trap, and readers know Hawkeye will deal with it in her…

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