Hawkeye Fans Have Questions About Who Bought Avengers Tower.


Hawkeye Fans Want to Know Who Bought the Avengers Tower.

The first two episodes of Marvel’s Hawkeye TV series make Avengers Tower an important landmark in the life of young Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) – one that is revisited in the modern-day status quo of the MCU. Avengers Tower was, of course, sold off during the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming, a major new development in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has a lot of Marvel fans asking who bought it.

Hawkeye is keeping Marvel fans guessing about the new Avengers Tower tenants – but they do have some theories to share on social media:

(hashtag)HawkeyeSeries pic.twitter.com7cTPaBvx2b Who bought the Avengers tower?

With their sidesteps and teases of major canon mysteries, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are downright cruel…

HAWKEYE SPOILERS—but who bought the Avengers Tower pic.twitter.comogb1bS3hm5 (hashtag)

Seriously, there are some Marvel fans down some deep rabbit holes, piecing together every clue from MCU films, TV shows, viral marketing, and merchandising that could lead to the reveal of who now owns the lease to Avengers Tower.

Who went out and bought avengers tower early in the morning pic.twitter.comvPjwnac4A1 Who went out and bought avengers tower early in the morning pic.twitter.comvPjwnac4A1

This question is playing on repeat in the minds of some Marvel fans, and the music isn’t going to stop until they get an answer.

pic.twitter.comOYcZQgzfjD who bought avengers tower???

Under the surface of the MCU, a rage is building, bubbling. Take note, Mr.

Feige is an interesting character.

I adore how every Marvel project tries to avoid revealing who purchased Avengers Tower (hashtag)Hawkeye.

Seriously, how much longer can Marvel avoid answering the (literally) biggest question hanging over its Phase 4 playground???

Imagine Fisk buying Avengers Tower and renaming it Fisk Tower pic.twitter.com6CnCCLgCtf

On behalf of their boy, Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), the (hashtag)SaveDaredevil crowd swooped in quickly to claim Avengers Tower.

LEAVE THE FANTASTIC FOUR ALONE… Obviously, Norman or Kingpin bought the Avengers Tower because they are Spider-Man villains who can dupe mcu Peter into thinking they are his father figures (see: mcu Iron Man, mcu Dr Strange).

There’s some hardcore…

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