Having a Sunny Day During a ’emotional’ property viewing, a buyer breaks down in tears.


Having a Sunny Day During a ’emotional’ property viewing, a buyer breaks down in tears.

A SUNRISE LOCATION In a recent episode of Channel 4’s property show, viewers saw a house hunter break down in tears after inspecting a holiday home.

In a recent episode of A Place In The Sun, Jasmine Harman showed a couple of property hunters around Corralejo, Fuerteventura. Claire and Gary had a budget of £200,000 and were hunting for their ideal holiday property. Their hunt got off to a difficult start, but Claire had an emotional reaction to one house in particular.

Claire and Gary were adamant about finding a vacation rental with at least two bedrooms and plenty of outside space.

The first house Jasmine showed the house hunters was just out of their price range, at just under £209,500.

She took the pair on a tour of the two-bedroom home, which included a common pool.

Claire, on the other hand, admitted that a lack of space was a problem, saying, “It’s wonderful but maybe a little small.”

With the second property, though, Jasmine stepped up her game and found a place with a lot more space.

With a recommended price of just under £200,000, property number two was also within their budget.

The three-bedroom vacation rental includes plenty of private outdoor space as well as a shared pool and tennis court.

Gary was immediately impressed, acknowledging that it checked all of his boxes: “Good outside space.” That’s exactly what we requested.” “I can’t think of anything terrible so far,” Claire acknowledged. After touring nearly the entire property, the couple arrived on the top terrace, where they were greeted by a breathtaking view of the sea.

Gary replied, “Oh look at that,” and Claire added, “Wow, you’ve got your sea view.”

“It’s not just that; it’s the view of the sea and the island.” Gary exclaimed, “Wow, that’s a fantastic view.”

“It’s more than I could have asked for,” Claire said, her eyes welling up with tears.

When Jasmine arrived on the roof with the couple, she noticed Claire was overcome with emotion.

“I guess you can tell it’s gorgeous from my tears,” Claire told the real estate agent.

“It’s making you a little emotional, isn’t it?” Claire replied, “Very,” to Jasmine’s question. “Oh darling,” said the Channel 4 broadcaster as he hugged Claire. Claire went on to explain why she had such strong feelings for the property.

“I could just envision us up here,” she stated. “Brinkwire Summary News” is the frosting on the cake.


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