‘Have you ever been outside?’ says Bradley Walsh to a Take Off competitor.


‘Have you ever been outside?’ says Bradley Walsh to a Take Off competitor.

On Saturday night, BRADLEY WALSH and Holly Willoughby returned to BBC One for the third edition of their new game show Take Off with Bradley and Holly, and one participant made a few mistakes, causing an unusual reaction from the hosts.

Members of the public can win a luxury vacation if they correctly predict some travel-related questions in a new BBC game show. When candidate Sabrina made many errors in the first round, Bradley Walsh couldn’t contain his surprise and questioned her knowledge of places outside the UK.

When the two hosts met Sabrina Hussain from Birmingham, they were presenting the first portion of the show called Guestination.

Sabrina acknowledged to Bradley and Holly that she has never traveled outside of the United States and that “the furthest I’ve gone is Blackpool.”

“So this will be a genuine adventure for you then,” Holly responded, astonished.

Bradley, though, couldn’t suppress his surprise and said, “Did you just say the farthest you’ve travelled is Blackpool?” You’re from Birmingham!”

“Well, Bradley, I’ve been expecting you to pick me up!” Sabrina cracked a joke.

Guestination is a game in which you have to guess which country is represented by a series of objects that spell out the answer.

Unfortunately, Sabrina was having trouble in this round, but the two hosts were doing everything they could to assist her.

Sabrina was under pressure to beat participant Terry to the holiday after he received three correct answers in Guestination.

Bradley joked, “Enjoy your trip, Terry!” after the anxious player acknowledged she only knew the answer to one of Terry’s questions.

Sabrina failed to guess South Korea when three objects came on the carousel: a compass facing south, an apple core, and an ear.

Bradley knew she was close to the answer as she tried to guess, but the player couldn’t figure it out.

As the objects rolled along the carousel behind him, the host remarked, “That is a compass pointing south but, to be fair, you’ve only ever been to Blackpool.”

“I’ve got to ask you Sabrina, have you ever been outside of your garden?” Bradley asked, evidently taken aback by Sabrina’s lack of response.

“Could you get out of your house?” Bradley cracked a joke.

The candidate responded, “Not recently!” as Sabrina and the two hosts laughed uncontrollably.

She eventually learned that the solution was South Korea, as well as Holly. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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