‘Have I missed something?’ Monty Don, host of Gardeners’ World, corrects the BBC on a tweet.


‘Have I missed something?’ Monty Don, host of Gardeners’ World, corrects the BBC on a tweet.

In a tweet from the Springwatch account, MONTY DON clarified the BBC’s inaccuracy.

Monty Don rushed to Twitter to correct BBC’s Springwatch, which incorrectly stated that we were still in the middle of spring. After reading the message, the Gardeners’ World host divided viewers by asking whether he was “missing something.”

The broadcaster was responding to a message about an owl from a BBC series.

The official account posted a video of the small creature and asked if anyone had seen one in the wild recently.

However, there was one aspect of the new tweet that Monty didn’t like.

“How charming is this tiny owl?!?,” wrote the nature programming account yesterday.

“Has anyone else been fortunate enough to see one this spring?”

The gardening guru then responded today, stating that spring had already passed.

“Unless I’m missing something, I was under the assumption that Spring had finished 7 weeks ago and we were now in the heart of summer,” Monty remarked.

He appeared to be referring to the fact that spring officially ended on June 21, 2021, according to the Met Office.


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The gardener’s supporters were quick to point out his folly.

“Really cute owl!” wrote one. Summer isn’t included on that show; instead, only Spring, Autumn, and Winter are featured.

“If you can’t bear the heat, get out of the kitchen,” as the saying goes. “I believe they can’t stand the heat…”

“I guess this hot weather is getting to all of us,” said another.

“It depends if you go by astronomical or metrological,” a third pointed out.

“Even though the solstice was only 4ish weeks ago, Spring should be over by now.”

“But, aside from seasons, you haven’t answered the question…,” another fan of the broadcaster responded.

In other news, Monty recently revealed that a Gardeners’ World special will premiere next month.

On his birthday, the broadcaster announced the news and thanked his followers for their messages.

He said in his tweet that he had been busy filming as he turned 66.

“Thanks for all bday wishes,” he wrote on July 8.

“I’m spending the day in the garden filming for a special GW that will air next month.

“However, wine will be consumed later this evening…”


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